Although no one likes to think of their pet getting lost or stolen, unfortunately it does happen, as each and every year some 250,000 pets in the UK go missing. Collar identification tags are a legal requirement for dogs, but are not the best solution in themselves as they can fall off, break, or be removed. Microchipping is a permanent solution that greatly increases the chances that a lost pet will be reunited safely with its owner. If a pet is stolen and recovered by authorities, a microchip might provide the only means to identify and contact the owner.

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Implanting a microchip is simple and effective and can be done in a quick appointment with one of our veterinary surgeons or nurses. Contact us now to make your appointment.

At Streetly vets we can microchip most species including:
Small furries (rats/guinea pigs/ferrets etc.)

Get your pet checked for free
If you are not sure if your pet has a microchip, or you want us to check that it is still working then just pop in and we’ll be happy to do this free of charge. If your pet is already microchipped, make sure your registered contact details are up to date with us and the national database.

Dogs must be microchipped, its the law
From 6th April 2016 all dogs in England and Wales, must undertake compulsory microchipping under new legislation. This will be mean any owner whose dog is found without a chip will have a short period of time to have the dog microchipped or owners could face fines of up to £500.

Dog with a sign

Don’t risk losing your beloved pet – get them microchipped

Microchipping at Streetly Vets in Sutton Coldfield – helping reunite you with your lost pet.