Cremation and burial

At Streetly Vets, euthanasia, cremation and burial services are operated with the utmost care and sensitivity by our staff. All the staff here at the surgery has, at some time, had to make this decision for their own pets and we understand what a difficult and emotional time it can be.

There is no rush with the decision making process and clients can spend as much time with their pet as required. The team are on hand to offer support throughout.

The veterinary team are able to discuss the options for your pet after the euthanasia procedure has been carried out, including the cost implications of each option. The main options include:
• Home burial in the privacy of your own garden.
• Our pet crematorium to collect your pet from the surgery for a general cremation and the ashes scattered on the memorial garden at the crematorium.
• Our pet crematorium to collect your pet from the surgery for an individual cremation so that you can have the ashes of your pet returned to you.
• Help with arrangements for you to take your pet to the crematorium yourself
• For owners that would like to bury their pet but do not have a garden to do so, we can help with arrangements for burial at a local pet memorial garden.

Streetly Vets works alongside the Pet Cremation Service and Sandwell Valley Pet Memorial Gardens to offer these services.

If you would like more information about euthanasia, cremation or burial services, we would recommend chatting to one of our experienced team members who can support you through any of these difficult decisions.
You can also find support through the Pet Bereavement Support Service

Cremation & Burial Services at Streetly Vets

Cremation & Burial Services at Streetly Vets

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