Pet Care Plan at Streetly Vets

Premier Pet Care Plan - the easy way to keep pets at their best

We want your pet to keep eating, running, playing and living life at their best, which is why we have created the Premier Pet Care Plan.

It’s an easy way to take care of all of those essential things they need to stay happy and healthy.

With vaccinations, regular health checks, flea and worming treatments all planned in throughout the year and managed with a low monthly payment, it’s the simplest way to provide the level of health care your vet recommends – and your pets will love you for it!

You could enjoy savings of up to £119.28 on the annual cost of preventative health care (based on Giant Dog plan). Plus enjoy a range of bonus savings throughout the year as a Pet Health Care plan client.

Preventative health care plans are different from insurance cover.  We recommend you have full insurance and preventative health plans to ensure your pet has the best all-round protection.

Join Premier Pet Care Plan today - simply pop in to reception at Streetly Vets to chat to one of our nurses about how to keep your pet at their best. Or call us on 0121 572 6527 to discuss what you could be saving every year.

Terms and conditions apply.

What’s included

Annual vaccination including your annual general health check

The best protection with essential vaccinations – let your pet enjoy life to the full by safeguarding them against diseases and serious infections.  Not all vaccines are the same – at Streetly Vets we use vaccines that we would choose for our own pets.

A year’s supply of external parasite prevention – fleas, ticks, mites

The best prevention of flea, tick & mite treatments - external parasites make your pets miserable and also spread disease.  Keep your pet happy with regular treatments.

A year’s supply of internal parasite prevention – worms

The best prevention with worming treatments – internal parasites make your pets miserable and also spread disease.  Keep your pet happy with regular treatments.

6-month health check with the nurse

The best care and regular checks with one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses.

Nail clips, dental checks, weight management

Get professional advice on diet, teeth, nail clips, and general well-being, which could help with prevention or early diagnosis of any problems.

20% discount off routine neutering

As a Pet Care Plan member you get 20% off our regular cost of neutering (excluding charity neutering vouchers). 

20% discount off routine dental procedures

As a Pet Care Plan member you get 20% off our regular cost of of dental procedures (excludes cost of general anaesthetic where required and medications).

10% off kennel cough vaccinations, rabies vaccinations and PETs Passports

If you are travelling with your pet get a 10% discount on PETS Passports and rabies vaccinations. You also get a 10% discount on kennel cough vaccinations which may be required if, for example your dog goes into kennels or uses doggy day-care.

10% off food

The best prices – exclusive discounts and affordable monthly payments – spreading the cost makes it easy to take proper care of your pet. Plus as a Pet Care Plan member you’ll pay less on premium products only available from your vet including food.

Free microchip if required

A microchip is the best way to reunite you with a lost pet. If your pet needs a microchip when you join the Pet Care Plan then this is included for free.

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