Imaging technology allows your vet to “see inside” your pet without surgery. We use two forms of imaging at Streetly Vets – Digital Radiography (x-ray) and Ultrasonography. Many people are already familiar with these from their own experience of having an x-ray taken for a broken bone or having an ultrasound during pregnancy.


Radiography is one of the most commonly used and useful diagnostic tools in veterinary practice. It provides a large amount of information to the veterinary surgeon by non-invasive means. It does not alter the disease process or cause unacceptable discomfort to your pet.

At Streetly Vets we have one of the most sophisticated, filmless, and advanced X-Ray machines. We use computed digital radiography (CR) system where the radiographic images taken from a pet are transferred to a computer and directly displayed on a digital monitor. This allows for dramatic time and effort savings over traditional film-based radiography.


Ultrasound uses sound waves and echoes to generate a digital image of the internal organs and structures in the body.  Just as with humans, veterinary ultrasound can be used to scan a pet non-invasively to check for a wide variety of conditions. Ultrasound is useful for many things beyond the traditional cardiac and abdominal exams, for example to biopsy masses.