Brave Bryn is our first Pet of the Month

Bryn is looking pleased with himself as he has been working very hard over the last month at overcoming his fear of the vets. He has been visiting us every morning to get him used to coming in just to say Hello.

On his first visit Bryn was very upset and stressed, he wouldn’t even come anywhere near the door. We have been working with his owners to make it fun for him to come to the vets by playing games with his teddy (as seen in the photo) and using treats. Over the last few weeks he has slowly been making his way further in to the practice.

Today, although he was a little unsure he had his booster vaccination. Bryn you were very brave, and have been working for a very hard for a long time, which is why you deserve to be our inaugural Streetly Vets Pet Of The Month.

Bryn, pet of the month

Bryn, pet of the month

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