Have a bonnie Burns night

Whether your dog is a laird’s pampered pooch like Caesar or a rufty tufty working dog like Luath, from Robert Burn’s poem “The Twa Dogs. A Tale.” we’re sure they’ll help you with any leftover haggis this Burns Night.

The doggie kilt is entirely optional.

Dog dressed for Burns Night

Dog dressed for Burns Night

The Twa Dogs. A Tale.
Burns often used animals to make his point in the foibles of human nature. Note the poems, ‘To a Mouse’ and ‘To a Louse’. Here in this poem he uses two dogs, one a laird’s pet named Caesar, the other a working collie named Luath. Though they were from opposite sides of the tracks, to use a modern idiom, they were good friends. In this poem he is using them to discuss the conditions under which their respective masters must live, and how their actions affect the people that they associate with, and those that they have influence over. King Coil referred to in the poem, is Coila or Kyle, a district of Ayrshire the county where Robert Burns lived.

Quote courtesy of The World Burns Club

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